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Sponsored obstacle courses & runs

Tue 11 Jun 2019

Sponsored obstacle courses & runs

At CCL we are keen to make a difference in our local community and one way we support this is by offering staff charity days! Becky, Monika and Millie tackled the challenging Insane Terrain to raise an amazing £500 for Arthur Rank Hospice. “We decided to take part because not only did it benefit the charity but it was something fun and good for our health! Also for me personally, I knew a lady who used these services before she sadly passed away. Her family said the charity's care for her was amazing during her time there, and the support they gave to them was incredible. We raised £500! 

We enjoyed getting muddy and laughed the whole way round! We left no man behind and always helped each other out if any of us struggled. Distance wise a 5k obstacle course might not seem very challenging to some people but for us 3 it was such a massive achievement to finish it.” 

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